It was a moment, like a dream.

The bittersweet strings of a violin wrapped themselves around my heart and clenched, whispering, “remember, remember.”

a familiar breeze brushed my face and whipped through my hair as I gazed out at Siena’s magnificent beauty – under that different sun.

It all came rushing back at once. All of it.

All the laughter and the tears and the dances we did under a silver moon. The way you looked at me.

Everything I’d ever felt all wrapped up in a moment, this moment.

The fucking love of it.

I cried and cried and grabbed my chest. “My heart,” I sobbed, as my friends threw their arms around me.

My heart.
My love.
My life.
My Siena… forever in my heart.

But I think maybe it wasn’t you at all, Sweetheart.

It was love.

– Kiks


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